An 18 month long project collecting stories about life in Northumberland and Newcastle in the 1980s. Over 80 young people recorded 31 Interviews, and created “80s life: The Miners strike” a 35 minute documentary about life in the area in the 1980s with a particular focus on the impact of the 84-85 Miners Strike. We also made a short fictional film “Strike” inspired by the stories collected during the interviews.
The project was funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Northern Stage, delivered in partnership with Museums Northumberland & Northern Stage. Here are the films and the oral histories.

80s Life: The Miners Strike – Documentary film.

Strike – short film.

Brian Topping

Dave Liddel

George Walters

Heather Wood

Ken Liddle

Mary Stratford

Tom Deedigan

Sheila Hedley

Lesley Young

Paul Mason

Tina Camilleri

Zoe Hagelberg Smith

Lewis Murray

Chris Connel

Michael Holiday

Martin Douglas

Stephen Brown

Jill Adamson

Douglas Hagelberg

Ian Brown

Willie Scobie

Jane Lancaster

Desmond Dunn

Donald McDonald

Tom Watson

Jimmy Bradford

Karen Hedley

Douglas Hedley

Adrian Ions

Ernest Gordon

Drew Brydon